We build relationships between influencers and brands

Influencer marketing, like word of mouth, has grown to be considered one of the most effective and trusted marketing channels. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitch enable brands and developers to engage with a broader audience through captivating content.

Here at Helium, we work with the right influencers to design a campaign that appeals to everyone; the influencer, their audience, and most importantly, you.

We provide full-service influencer campaigns
From the outset, our project managers work with you to define campaign goals and expectations.
Next, our strategic analysts look for the most suitable influencers to connect you with a broader audience.
We measure progress alongside your KPIs to manage or adapt the campaign performance, ensuring a consistently strong ROI.
Customize your campaign to suit your budget and requirements
Choose between live streams, product reviews, let’s play videos, social media posts and more. Set your desired outreach and budget, and we will pair you with complementary influencers. Then, you can review the expected outreach and campaign draft before approving the project.
Create content that lives on in the memories of your audience